Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frank Gore

I have to say that Frank Gore is the most underrated running back in the NFL right now and possibly the most underrated player in the entire NFL. Where do you think he ranks in yards from scrimmage this year in the NFL? Top 20? Top 10? Would you believe that he is third in the NFL in yards from scrimmage? What makes that even more impressive is that the 49ers have no other offensive weapons and he still manages to pile up yards. And it is not like he is a one year wonder. Two years ago he rushed for 1700 yard while constantly facing 8-men in the box because the 49ers had no passing game

The reason he doesn't any credit is because he is on a terrible team. It is really hard to get recognition if you are on a terrible team. Look at LDT, he didn't start getting recognition as one of the best running backs in the league until the Chargers became a playoff caliber team. But its really unfair that Gore gets no credit while lesser backs get a lot of praise.

Gore is the most complete back in the entire NFL right now. He runs, he catches, he blocks, he does it all. Obviously he is a very good back running the ball from the back field. But what people don't realize is that this year he has been lining up at receiver and catching the ball from there. He has displayed outstanding hands and the ability to adjust to the ball in the air.

What separates Gore from other backs in the league is the combination of the ability to make people miss and his power running. If you watch a 49ers game you will be surprised at the number of would-be tacklers who he makes miss. He also has the ability to run over safeties once he gets to the second level. Perhaps his best skill though, is his vision. He always seems to find the hole even when it doesn't look like one is there.

I am not saying Gore is the perfect back. His biggest weakness is his lack of top end speed. But there is no other back that does everything as well as Gore. Peterson/Jacobs contribute nothing to the passing game. Tomlinson is clearly not the back he has been the past few years. Guys like Portis or Turner might have the top end speed, but they don't make people miss like Gore does. I doubt many other people see the same thing I do, but hopefully one day Gore will get the recognition he deserves.

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signals3_t5 said...

I am not saying Gore is the perfect back. His biggest weakness is his lack of top end speed
i agree with you

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