Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maybe the Rhodes Scholarship Will Pay for Some New Clothes

Here is a good article about a true scholar athlete. Myron Rolle, one of the best defensive players in the country, is probably going to miss a huge game in order to interview for the Rhodes Scholarship (yeah the one from Oxford). It is a good story, but what I really wanted to comment on was the pictures Rolle took of himself when he went to study abroad in England. Looks like he had a good time, but one thing I couldn't help but notice is that every single one of his shirts were FSU shirts. Dude's got to get some new clothes. I wonder if every single shirt he owns is an FSU shirt. Probably not, but I'd put the over under on the percentage of shirts he owns that are FSU at about 85%. I hope he gets the scholarship so at the very least he can get some Oxford shirts. The funny thing is that most of his pants look like they are from FSU too.